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La parasha messianique pour les nuls

Calendrier juif 5780

Prayer Requests 8th march 2013

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  • Publication : vendredi 8 March 2013 00:00
  • Écrit par Emma Itoua
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  • 08 Mar
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Prayer Requests 

New terror cell dismantled in Hebron

 The Israel Security Agency ( Shin Bet security service), with assistance from the IDF, has exposed a Hamas terror network in the city of Hebron. Members of this network, including a terrorist who was deported to the Gaza Strip as part of the agreement in which Sgt. First Class Gilad Shalit was returned to Israel, intended to carry out various terror attacks – but were arrested before executing their plans. Security forces recovered a pipe bomb that the terrorists had prepared for use in an attack.

  • Glory belongs to God, Our God protects His people. Pray for the attempts of attacks, may God stop them before they are committed. Pray for the protection of all security services in the country.


Netanyahu gets 2 more weeks to form his government

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Saturday granted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu another two weeks to form a governing coalition, after Netanyahu failed to build a broad coalition including ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties. In a televised address, Netanyahu told Peres that he has yet to build a coalition because some parties wish to "boycott" an entire Israeli demographic. It was a reference to the nationalist Jewish Home and centrist Yesh Atid parties, which have refused to join his coalition if it includes the ultra-Orthodox.

If Netanyahu fails to reach a government in two weeks, political newcomer Yair Lapid who heads Yesh Atid, Israel's second largest party, could be offered the chance to form the coalition, or new elections could be held.


  • Pray for the Israeli government and for the members of Knesset. Pray so that this government can be set up as soon as possible for the good of the country. Pray so that the Lord touches and fills with his Ruach Hakodesh this government. Pray specifically for the persons who have a ministerial portfolio.


FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) : « We are here to stop the pursuit of Judaism in Palestine »

"What is the relationship of 'the pursuit of Judaism' to Food and Agriculture?"

In a letter to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General, Jose Graziano da Silva, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre'sDirector for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, bluntly asked "the relationship of 'the pursuit of Judaism' to food and agriculture?"

Samuels (pictured at Seminar) explained that he had "just sat through the United Nation’s seminar on 'Assistance to the Palestinian People', which will be indelibly marked by the comment of the Ambassador of Morocco – speaking for the Arab representatives on the UN Security Council - 'we are here to stop the pursuit of Judaism in Palestine.'”

The letter noted, "This three-day hatefest was hosted by the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome - hardly consonant with its published mandate “to raise levels of nutrition, improve agricultural productivity, better the lives of rural populations and contribute to the growth of the world economy.”


Samuels pointed out that "most of the democracies: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States etc., declined to attend this one-sided delegitimizing propaganda assault on Israel - a sovereign U.N. member-State.”


The letter stressed, "This litany of offence came from such questionable human rights champions as: Algeria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Namibia, Venezuela etc. Algeria, at one point, baldly endorsed “the disestablishment of Israel as a State”.

Samuels cited "invited 'expert' discussants and pet NGOs which called for:

    - boycotts, expulsion of Israel from the OECD and suspension of the

    European trade agreement with Israel."

    - one agricultural connection was drawn with a campaign call against tax exemption status for the Jewish National Fund, an acknowledged afforestation and anti desertification agency.

    - the representative of an NGO federation openly claimed that their role included "the targeting of governments, parliamentarians, UN and treaty bodies, the EU [and] media to impact public opinion."

    - an Italian History Professor refreshingly explained that, as a teacher, her older students carried guilt in attitudes to Israel (hinting at the Holocaust), but 'young people are wonderfully ignorant, watch TV and ask why are the Zionists so bad? My job is to explain why that is so and shift their views.'"


Samuels emphasised to FAO, "There is a direct repercussion of such language on the intensity of anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe."

Shimon Samuels souligne que la plupart des démocraties – Australie, Canada, Royaume-Uni, Etats-Unis, etc. – ont décliné l’invitation d’assister à cet assaut unilatéral de propagande délégitimant Israël, un Etat souverain et membre de l’ONU. La lettre de Shimon Samuels insiste sur le fait que cette litanie d’insultes provenait de champions très contestables des droits de l’homme, tels que l’Algérie, l’Afghanistan, Cuba, la Namibie, le Venezuela, etc. A un moment, l’Algérie a simplement suggéré de supprimer Israël en tant qu’Etat (ndmg – c’est la version « soft » du « il faut rayer Israël de la carte »).

He argued, however, that "the incongruousness of such a meeting at your headquarters was perhaps addressed by:

    - the Russian representative, who noted the 'symbolism of the meeting, here, where FAO works hard for the State of Palestine,'


    - a Law professor who claimed, 'the real issue is membership of other UN agencies as a full State.'

    - an Arab delegate confided that 'the implicit intent of this conference is to follow the UNESCO manoeuvre by admission into FAO at this April’s Council meeting, to be confirmed at the General Conference in June.'


Samuels suggested that the question relating to "'the pursuit of Judaism' to food and agriculture may no longer be germane," continuing, "the question is now very different: is FAO prepared for the cost of Palestinian admission, following the UNESCO precedent? The Congressional legislation requiring the United States to defund FAO of over 20% of its annual budget?"

"Mr. Director-General, we urge you to defend FAO’s vital mandate from the politicization and agitation propaganda we witnessed this week on your premises," concluded the Centre.


Washington will continue to finance the Israeli antimissile systems


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel promised Israel Tuesday that he will work with Congress to ensure continued funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system, a senior defense official said after the Pentagon chief met with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The two-hour session in the Pentagon was Hagel’s first meeting with a foreign counterpart. And it comes less than a week after he took the job amid fierce Republican criticism and accusations from some Republican-leaning outside groups that he was “anti-Israel.”

The bruising Senate confirmation hearings questioned whether he has been hard enough on Iran, but he repeatedly said he backs US and international sanctions against Tehran. In addition, outside groups slammed his use of the term “Jewish lobby” to refer to pro-Israel groups. He has apologized and says he should have used another term. While it is notable, considering the controversy, that Barak was the first allied counterpart to meet with Hagel, it is not surprising. Barak has been one of the most frequent defense chiefs to visit the Pentagon.


  • Pray for safety systems in Israel (Iron Dome...) and for their protection. Pray also for the financing of these devices.


Belgium: a debate about Zionism organized by the Belgian socialist party (PS) illustrated by an anti-Semitic cartoon, stirs controversy

A debate about Zionism, organized by the Belgian socialist party of Molenbeek, stirs controversy since Monday. Because: the drawing used to illustrate this conference. It is the work of a caricaturist accused of "Holocaust denier". This conference entitled «Let’s talk freely and serenely about the Zionism ", will be held on March 19th 

  • Pray for Belgian politicians and pray for the Belgian Government
Sinai: the Egyptian security services seized a weapons cache (Palestinian sources)

Egyptian authorities seized a weapons cache in El Arish, northern Sinai, said the Palestinian agency Ma’an

  • Glory to God!
  • Pray so that weapon imports are definitively stopped. Pray for the disarmament of Israel's enemies. Pray for the protection of the Israeli civilians who live under the enemy fire


For Information:

President Peres honored 22 Belgian as Righteous among the Nation.      

Israeli President Shimon Peres honoured 22 Belgians as Righteous of the Nations on Tuesday. Their names will be added to another 1,612 Belgian citizens who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust.



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