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mardi, 19 November 2019
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Prayer Requests 9th nov 2012

  • Catégorie parente: Prayerteam
  • Catégorie : Intercession
  • Mis à jour : vendredi 9 November 2012 17:36
  • Publication : vendredi 9 November 2012 00:00
  • Écrit par Emma Itoua
  • Affichages : 834
  • 09 Nov
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Assemblée messianique de La Louvière Belgique

Belgium - France - Europe - USA - Canada - Afrique 

Prayer Requests 9th nov 2012


Golan: IDF jeep hit by Syrian gunfire; none injured
An IDF patrol vehicle sustained some damage due to Syrian gunfire Monday. No injuries were reported. The jeep was hit during a routine Golani patrol of the border. According to available details, the incident took place at 8:30 pm.
Pray for the Golan region but also for all sensitive areas such as the border with Sinai. Pray for the security of Israel's borders and checkpoints. Pray for the staff that works at the border

Israel: disadvantaged families will have a reduction in the water price
Knesset on Monday in extraordinary session approved in the second and third readings the bill granting in water price reductions for families with difficulties. The criteria will be set by the national water Authority.

For disadvantaged families that live below the poverty line.
Pray for the government. Pray for poverty in Israel, and for organizations working for the needy in Israel and the Jewish people.

Anti-Semitism reaches historic low in US
ADL annual audit reveals 13% decline in anti-Semitic incidents throughout United States in 2011, reaching lowest level in two decades

Iron Dome battery upgraded

The Iron Dome rocket defense system had undergone an upgrade that will soon bolster its presence on the ground, Ynet learned Sunday.

The fifth Iron Dome battery, which will be deployed soon, features ungraded response time and interception rage, both of which successfully graduated tests that took place last week.

Pray for safety devices in Israel. Pray that these improvements can be effective. Pray that Iron Dome can be deployed throughout Israel.

Staff at Jerusalem's Bikur Holim hospital ends strike
Nurses and other employees at the Bikur Holim hospital in Jerusalem ended their strike on Tuesday, and all hospital departments resumed normal activities, following an agreement ensuring back pay to all employees for the month of September.

Prayer request for the health sector in Israel

Israël Treasury: Deficit reaches NIS 22.2 billion
The Finance Ministry said that the state deficit has reached NIS 22.2 billion in 2012, rising from NIS 14.5 billion the previous year.

Pray for the Israeli economy. Pray for a significant recovery of the Israeli budget.

Netanyahu: I'll continue working with Obama
Israel's senior politicians on Wednesday rushed to congratulate US President Barack Obama on his re-election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was criticized by the American Democratic Party for allegedly intervening in the US election campaign in favor of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, congratulated Obama in a short statement, noting that "the strategic alliance between Israel and the United States is stronger than ever."

Pray for the Israeli-American friendship and cooperation between US and Israel.

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