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jeudi, 04 June 2020
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Prayer Requests 2nd nov 2012

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  • Catégorie : Intercession
  • Mis à jour : vendredi 2 November 2012 07:29
  • Publication : vendredi 2 November 2012 00:00
  • Écrit par Emma Itoua
  • Affichages : 849
  • 02 Nov
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Prayer Requests 2nd nov 2012


European NGOs urged to ban the imports of settlements products (from Judea- Samaria)

A group of 22 European NGOs has recommended that its governments ban West Bank settlement products, in a report that it published on Tuesday morning. It also called on the European Union and member states to pass legislation to more clearly label imports to its continent from West Bank settlements. The NGO report, “Trading Away Peace: How Europe Helps Sustain Illegal Israeli settlements” was addressed to European governments and the EU to help support what appears to be a policy shift, she said. A number of European governments are discussing how to label settlement products for consumers, she said, but did not name the countries weighing those measures.

Starkey noted that the report was also published in advance of Ireland’s six-month term as President of the EU, from January to June of 2013. Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore has already said that the EU should consider banning settlement products. According to NGO report, European states, should, “Ensure correct consumer labeling of all settlement products as a minimum measure, as done by the UK and Denmark but also covering manufactured products.”

Israel already labels its products with the address of its origin within the country. It does so, because settlement products are not part of Israel’s taxfree agreement with the European Union, and as such are charged a tariff fee. But the report said that this kind of labeling placed too much of a burden on European customs to determine if that location was in the West Bank.

Pray for Israeli products. Pray for the export. Pray so that all kind of boycott against these products or Israel cease

One mortar shell fired from Gaza (on Monday) towards Israel containing phosphorus

Three mortar shells were fired on Monday from the Gaza Strip into Israel. According to some analysis, one of them included at least one phosphorous shell, a chemical very dangerous to humans.

Rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists: 184 in October, 753 since the beginning of 2012, 15,754 in 2001

According to the Israel Security Agency's monthly summary, Palestinians fired 184 rockets in October 2012, 25 in September, 753 since the beginning of 2012, 676 in 2011 and 15,754 since 2001.

Pray for the protection of the Israeli population that is under fire from enemy weapons. Pray so that international institutions can take all necessary measures to stop that.

Paris: "Netanyahu's visit shows the quality of the relationship between France and Israel"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Paris from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1 for bilateral talks, the French foreign ministry announced here on Monday.

During his two-day visit, Netanyahu will meet with French President Francois Hollande and discuss issues that "notably focus on the prospects for strengthening bilateral relations, the need to relaunch the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and political developments in the region," the foreign ministry said in a routine press briefing.

"This visit bears witness to the quality of the relationship between France and Israel," the ministry added.

Netanyahu will also meet with French Prime Minister and Foreign Minister during the visit.

Pray for diplomatic relations between France and Israel. Pray for all Jews in France that are facing anti-Semitism. Pray for the alyah.

Jerusalem: Bikur Cholim Hospital will not accept new patients

The management of Jerusalem’s financially troubled Bikur Cholim Hospital has unilaterally cut the salaries of all 610 workers by 30 percent, inducing many of them to look for another place of work, according to medical director Dr. Raphael Pollack. The Jerusalem Post learned on Thursday that of the 210 beds in the institution, one of the oldest hospitals in the country – only about 100 of them are occupied by patients. These are mostly in obstetrics/gynecology, with some in internal medicine. In addition, the emergency room is still functioning.

Pollack was due to hold an emergency meeting with Finance Ministry officials including Deputy Minister Yitzhak Cohen and Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman last night to discuss the emergency.

Pray for the health budget in Israel because health is a priority in Israel.

Syria: 96 killed in Syria

Violence across the country has done at least 96 dead Thursday. 53 soldiers, 27 civilians and 16 rebels, according to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which identified more than 36,000 killed since the beginning of the uprising in March 2011.

Pray for the Syrian people who live moments of great violence for several months.

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