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dimanche, 26 January 2020
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Prayer Requests 7th to 14th septembre 2012

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  • Catégorie : Intercession
  • Mis à jour : vendredi 7 September 2012 13:53
  • Publication : vendredi 7 September 2012 00:00
  • Écrit par Emma Itoua
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  • 07 Sep
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1.       Isael : New egyptian  ambassador will present credentials next month 

Amid all the concern about the direction that Israel-Egypt ties will take under Egypt's new Islamic President Mohamed Morsy, the Foreign Ministry announced Sunday that the new Egyptian ambassador will present his credentials in Jerusalem on October 17.

2.       Egypt on high alert around the Suez Canal

According to an Egyptian website, the Egyptian authorities have raised the alert around the Suez Canal after receiving information about a large-scale attack by the jihadists in preparation Sinai against the Egyptian military outposts border guards along the canal. Egyptian security services had information on a meeting held last Wednesday between the jihadists in the Sinai and Gaza radicals. 

Pray for the relations between Egypt and Israel. Pray for a close collaboration between 2 countries to secure the sensitive zone of Sinai and for the borders between 2 countries.

3.       Brussels officially recognized its responsibility in the deportation of Jews during the Holocaust

The city of Brussels officially recognized Sunday its complicity in the deportation of thousands of Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II.

At a ceremony attended by Israel’s ambassador and Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Joelle Milquet, Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans acknowledged the key role the city’s register of Jews played in raids that sent thousands to death camps. “Without this register of Jews, the progressive arrests and the raid of September 1942 would never have had the same impact in Brussels,” Thielemans said.

Glory belongs to God for this official recognition of Belgium in the deportation during Holocaust! The countries which played a major role in this dirty work have to apologize to the Jewish people for their collaboration.

4.       Crime has dropped 5% in Israel 

On sunday, Israel Police Commissioner Insp. Gen. Yohanan Danino presented data regarding the crime rate from the past eight months. According to the report, 2012 has thus far seen a five percent decrease in crime, compared to the same period last year. A substantial decrease was seen in the Arab sector. During the weekly Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended the police work that led to the decrease in crime. "This is a very welcome change," Netanyahu said.

The Lord watches over His people and the security of Israel. Pray that the crime rate drops again and again throughout Israel. Safety is so important for Israel and only God can give it in all the country.

5.       General Gantz: IDF is ready for any scenario

The IDF is ready to reach any enemy target at any time, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said on Sunday, during an awards ceremony for reserve units. “Recently, we’ve heard threats from near and far enemies to ‘wipe out’ the State of Israel from the map of the Middle East. In all these, I can say that the IDF is ready for any scenario. We will reach any place, anytime, and defend this nation,” Gantz said, speaking at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.

Pray for the IDF army and military installations in Israel. Pray for the purification of all army units. Pray for our messianic brothers and sisters messianic who joined IDF units in Israel. May God prepare them for all problems with Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

6.       Israel: An assassination attempt foiled

A Palestinian who came to the Hashmonaim checkpoint near Modiin Illt and was refused entry to Israel threw a bag with four pipe bombs to the ground and fled the scene. Police sappers who were called to the area used a controlled explosion while security forces are canvassing the area for the suspect.

Pray so that the Lord continues to thwart the attempts of attacks and leads all security services (police, security, Shin Bet, Mossad) to know the actions of the terrorists and so that they can go against all attacks against Israel.

7.       Southern front: another rocket fired in the Eshkol Regional Council

A rocket, the third of the day, exploded near a town in the Eshkol Regional Council, no injuries or damage. The rocket fired this morning on the Sdot Negev Regional Council, damaged a greenhouse.

Pray for sensitive areas located under attack rockets and mortars in Israel. Pray that the Lord can continue to thwart the enemy fire and send them in open areas.

8.       Water level in Lake Kinneret decreases by 30 cm in August

The Water Authority announced, Monday, that the water level of Lake Kinneret/the Sea of Galilee went down 30 centimeters/one foot in August, following a 28-cm. drop in July. The Dead Sea recorded the second straight month of going down about 18 cm/7.2 inches. Since the start of the hydrological year, last October, the Dead Sea has dropped 1.41 meters, compared to 1.15 meters during the same period a year ago, and the total drop for the year is expected to be 1.5 meters, compared to a one-meter average drop in recent decades. Groundwater tables were also down in most places at the end of August, although mixed results were recorded in the Mediterranean coastal basin.

Pray for the problem of water in the country! Water consumption was higher this year. Pray for the protection of water. Pray for the rainy season which starts in few weeks, may God give sufficient water for all needs.

9.       Large fire near Jerusalem

Six fire crews are currently about to extinguish a large fire in Jerusalem Forest near the neighborhood of Har Nof. The houses are not in danger.

Pray for the problem of forest fires in Israel.

Pray for the protection of firefighters.

Pray for the protection of water reserves in the country.

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