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La parasha messianique pour les nuls

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  • Mis à jour : jeudi 23 August 2012 22:26
  • Publication : dimanche 11 September 2011 01:00
  • Écrit par Convalli Terry
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  • 11 Sep
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בֵּית, יַעֲקֹב--לְכוּ וְנֵלְכָה, בְּאוֹר יְהוָה

Maison de Jacob, venez et marchons à la lumière de l’Eternel ! (Isaïe 2 : 5)







Pasteur / Rabbi : Lorenzo GRECO                           Fondateurs Paul et Anya Ghennassia

 SIEGE SOCIAL ET REUNIONS Rue de Baume, 239    7100 LA LOUVIERETel 064/21.23.90Fax 064/21.23.94 BELGIQUE

Belgium : 001-4756263-41   Fortis Banque
France and international :  BIC   GEBABEBB   IBAN  BE88 0014 7562 6341 


La Louvière, 11 september 2011


Dear brothers, dear sisters,


The messianic work in Belgium began more than 20 years ago through the call that our G-d gave to a sister whom some of you knew well. This sister was Anya Noppari Ghennassia. Without hesitation, she left her native Finland and came to settle down in Brussels to answer to the call of the Lord like Isaïa saying "Hineni": here I am! Her heart, her love and her commitment for the Jewish people did not cease and getting more involve, and  she started to work in the field with the aim of bringing the good news among the  jewish people in Brussels, but also Antwerp.


However, as a single woman, it was not easy to work in this way. By the will of G-d, she heard about a messianic work located in Paris with the same call. She decided to meet the leader, Rabbi Paul Ghennassia. Quickly, he started messianic meetings in Brussels, with the messianic vision. A couple of time later, Paul and Anya got married and based the Messianic Center of Brussels. During 18 years, they travelled two-three times a week between Paris and Brussels, always with the goal of bringing the Good News to the Jewish people. Numerous Christians came to attend the meetings and strengthened the existing team to work in the same purpose. 

Today, the rabbi Paul Ghennassia rejoined the Kingdom of the Lord. The work at the Messianic Center did not stop and is steered by the brother Greco Lorenzo who worked beside Paul during numerous years and who keeps listenning him.


The premises of the Messianic Center becoming too small, we had to move and to buy a bigger building to pursue the work among Jewish people. The Lord sent us to La Louvière.

Indeed, there is a lot of Jews in La Louvière and some of them are already on our road. The current leaders of the messianic work in Belgium always wanted to follow the vision of Paul and Anya Ghennasia. It is also and especially with the aim of carrying out this vision and obeying G-d, that we sold the building of Brussels and bought another in La Louvière.  It is a logical result of this call, the continuity in the diversity with the new leader Lorenzo Greco that brings something new and strength for Beth Yeshoua.  

But what was the vision that our deceased sister Anya received from God ? She not only wanted to train our members in the messianic vision but also all those whom G-d would call to do it : the leaders and the Christian ministers, the students of the biblical institutes, the Jews by bringing them  back to the biblical Judaism... She wanted biblical Hebrew teaching and the creation of a French-speaking messianic yeshiva. This is very important in the time we are living through : time of the end. 

To train people is very essential in our time :- At the level of the personal faith - At the level of the testimony to the Jewish people - At the level of the prayer for Israel and the world in general and especially arab’s nations 

Because there are so many Arab people in La Louvière, we are hoping that the Lord will use us to reach this people too, the elder brother of the Jewish people. Through the presence of the Messianic Center in La Louvière, the Good News will be announced to them too, until it has  a positive effect in their lives and on their families to reconciliate the two peoples. About our Christian’s brothers, we hope  that they will get involve in participating with us in the work that is entrusted to us by G-d, their support in the prayer, without which nothing is possible,and also their help in different ways, by the grace of G-d, will strengthen us. 

The explanatory lines written above , are to give you some ideas on the messianic work in Belgium. Today, this work needs you, your support, as well spiritually as financially, because we face some challenges and difficulties.The purchase of the building but also the renovation work  of the new premises are very expensive.

So, we are asking to the Lord to touch your hearts so that He inclines you to help us. Your help is very precious to pursue the messianic work in Belgium. We thank you in advance for your prayers because miracles come from them and we also thank you for your donations which you could make by the grace of G-d – be ezrat HaShem !  

The LORD bless you, and keep you; 

The LORD make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; 

The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. 

Nombres 6 : 24-26

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